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sjn consultants ltd provides Design Services covering Embedded Systems and Communication Systems in the Industrial Control, Communications, and Consumer Electronics sectors.

We can participate in any phase of the development cycle and can take projects from initial conception through to field delivery or perform stand-alone packages of development. We can also perform independent hardware and software reviews for new and legacy systems.

Embedded Systems

Our main strengths lie in the design, development, and testing of soft and hard real-time embedded systems on 8, 16, and 32 bit technologies in both resource constrained and larger systems. We are experienced with ARM, Renesas, and ix86 processor and TI DSP technology coupled with proprietary and open source development tool-chains.

We provide bare metal bring-up of newly developed hardware, porting of kernels and operating systems (such as CMX, QNX, and Linux), and development of low level device drivers from simple bit-bang interfaces to complex devices such as media access controllers and video capture and display devices.

For new product development we capture user requirements and perform analysis and design using UML. We can also port existing systems onto new hardware platforms - capturing the requirements from analysis of the existing systems' functionality.

Rapid prototyping can also be provided to support proof-of-concept or technology verification and can be based on the client's existing platforms, standard development boards, or PC simulation.

Communications Systems

We offer skills in a wide range of communications technologies from implementing DSP functionality for generation and decoding of complex analogue signal modulation, through simple serial point-to-point communications and TCP/UDP/IPV4 networking, to designing and implementing security key management and distributions systems.

We can apply these skills to implement control interfaces such as Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP/IP, deploy secure Internet facing devices using industry strength firewall technology, and provide remote device access and management functionality using standard or bespoke protocols.

Systems Enhancements

We also specialise in implementing enhancements and improvements to existing systems, freeing up clients' development teams to focus on onward product development.

For example, we retrofitted diagnostics functionality into an embedded control system to provide real-time monitoring and recording of system performance. The captured diagnostic data was then gathered from deployed systems and used to analyse real-world performance metrics and for fault investigations.

We can also perform software quality analysis and implement any necessary updates to ensure that legacy software is kept up to date with the evolution of the clients' in-house or industry specific coding standards (eg MISRA).

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